Bob - Bass

Hi, I'm Bob. My passion for bass began in a music store when I was 15, fiddling around on an acoustic bass while my stepdad looked at guitars. The first thing I ever learned was a basic version of "Sunshine Of Your Love" by Cream- I credit my dad with that influence, as well as most of my musical taste, but that's a much longer conversation than I have room for here.

That was in 2001, and since then I've been in numerous bands, but they’ve been all original projects. While writing original music is something I enjoy, as I got older I developed an increasing interest in playing in party/cover bands. I really liked the idea of playing fun, energetic music that people know and will sing/dance to. I was in one cover project in 2014, but after 2 gigs, 3 of the members decided they’d rather write their own material. After scouring craigslist for weeks in early 2015, I found an ad looking for a bassist for a cover band. I responded and ended up talking to Mark for a bit. I auditioned for the band and the rest is history. This band is like a second family to me and some of the best memories I have over the past year have been shows with them.

Outside of music, I’m a fairly simple guy. I graduated from Rowan University in 2009 with a B.A. in Law & Justice Studies. I’ve worked for Rowan University Department of Public Safety wince my graduation. I’m always in the market for more work, and have several part time endeavors including umpiring baseball and softball, as well as DJing private events for DJ Byrd Events. I love Philly sports. I live and die every Sunday with the Eagles and during the Spring/Summer my computer or TV will almost always have baseball on. I’m also big into video games. If a game involves zombies of any kind, chances are I’ve played it. Despite all my interests and hobbies though, there’s nothing I enjoy than laying on the couch with my dog and wife while watching a movie.

Let’s be friends! Find my Facebook here and my Instagram here.

I also do most of the work on the webpage, because as Mark puts it, I'm a "code nerd"- so if you see something wrong, shoot me an email at, thanks!