Elliott (Rafiki) - Piano, Keyboards, Vocals

Yo, my name is Elliott but you can call me Ell! I am primarily a self-taught musician ever since the age of 7 and have been musically inspired ever since! My story goes like this…way back in 1988 (age 7) on Christmas Day before my parents were even aware of my musical talents, my older sister was given a mini keyboard & I got the totally boring Chinese Checkers...so anyway, when it eventually became apparent that the keyboard didn’t exactly pique my sister’s interest like it did mine, I started to fiddle with it and next thing you know, I was able to “decode” and play simple popular melodies completely by ear…not too long after, I also figured out how to form chords & the rest was history!

But not only did I have the desire to play the piano, I also loved to sing my heart out. I immediately joined my local church’s choir until about the age of 16. After that, I also joined the choir in my high school and studied music theory extensively well into my college years. Then at the age of 18, I decided to step things up and began taking classical vocal & piano lessons in north Philly. I must also mention that at the core, my true passion with music has always lied in writing original songs & working on original music productions.

Over the years, I’ve continued to hone my musical abilities by doing demo/session work for recording studios in the Tri-state area, as well as perform at various political events and festivals. As of recently, I’ve had the wonderful chance of playing in various cover bands within Philly & Jersey, gaining the experience and momentum necessary that has led me fast & furiously to the amazing 88MPH! Shift into turbo!