Mark - Drummer, Samples, Back Up Vocals

8th Grade is when it all started. Two of my friends and I were sitting around the house probably watching power rangers or something and they said, "Guys lets get some instruments and start a band".. I was so down.. Well, I chose the drums, yea great idea then right? Now, not so much when I'm the guy who has to lug 3x the amount of gear in then anyone else in the band..Yea not the best idea.. I should of just been a singer..Well, we got our first instruments and off we went into my buddy's basement. First song I ever learned was Dammit by Blink 182. I wish I could hear how that sounded then. lol Time went on, we formed a band that stuck around for some time and as some of my friends stopped I kept going on playing. Best thing i could of done because not only do i enjoy it, it paved the road for my journey ahead. I have been in few different original bands, Kovia-which was hilarious, Then Volume Runner which was a blast and had a decent following with. Then Epic Exposure came which was an awesome project as well. Then we started a cover band called JAB "Just Another Band" had a lot of great times with this band. It sent us in the direction we wanted to go which drew us to this now. 88mph!!

     Stepping Back a little I will tell you how I got to where I am now.. During the time of the original band days my band Volume Runner was playing pretty often and one of the bands we played with a lot was The Shannon Cole Band. Great Band if I may add. Well as most musicians do when they need fill ins they ask other musicians from other bands, so they asked me to fill in for a couple gigs. It was all part of my master plan since I had the biggest crush on the singer Shannon..:) Well Time went on, couple of gigs went byy and sure enough fast forward almost 10 years later Shannon and I are married and in the same band together.. 88mph is full of family, and the best of friends, that's why we are the way we are. The Chemistry, The Fun, and The Connection you see all shows on stage.

     Playing music with the best of people, doing what I love to do is all I ever wanted. I finally am there and I'm enjoying ever second of it. I look forward to the future and cant wait to meet so many new friends that can join the 88mph family. Keep a Look out.. Thank You

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Don't Forget 12/10 is our BIG Toys For Tots Event at VERA in Cherryhill, Formaly the old (TOP DOG).. Check our calendar for more info.. COME HELP SUPPORT THE KIDS IN NEED..

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